Worldbizz identifies the potential needs in a market and then cater towards these needs with a high degree of expertise. We have been providing expert acrylic solutions to commercial, public, and residential projects both locally and within Asia. We have extensive experience catering to niche sectors within the industry. We adapted the technology used in underwater projects to cater towards Singapore’s needs for swimming pools and water features since 2005. Today’s Worldbizz has its own designers, workshop facilities and offices across Malaysia and Singapore. Worldbizz works closely with its counterparts and believes in providing its acrylic creations as part of a larger design and overall project from initial design and conceptualisation to final instalment. The PMMA acrylic that Worldbizz designs and fabricates is made from renowned acrylic manufacturers from Mitsubishi RYOKO Japan, PLEXIGLAS Germany, and Super Bright – China. Super-Bright is an OEM product of Worldbizz. With its lighter weight, greater flexibility, higher clarity, and lower cost when compared to glass in large dimensions, acrylic has become the safer option where water pressure is concerned.

The company’s expertise is in doing chemical weld and thermal forming acrylic of larger size and bigger thickness for projects of any application. It is critical in understanding the needs of not just the clients, but also the architectural and construction aspect of every project. As such, Worldbizz is more than just a product/service provider, we provide hands-on support from initial design to its after-sales service.

Psalm 127: Unless the LORD builds the house, those who build it labour in vain

Worldbizz, a wholesaler, and is specialized in engineering, fabrication, and installation of PMMA Acrylic panels. Worldbizz has evolved into a fully equipped acrylic fabricator with capacity for on-site installation for projects in swimming pool, aquarium, water feature and underwater attractions.

Between the years 2018 and 2019, Worldbizz has completed prestigious projects of high commercial value and thus affirmed Worldbizz as the Preferred Specialist for the supply and installation of PMMA Acrylic panels for swimming pools and water feature projects in Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Indonesia. Some of these projects are captured in this book profile.

For our working partner in Asia, Worldbizz offer transfer of expertise of proven applications in the supply, fabrication, and installation of PMMA Acrylic Panels

Over 17 years, Worldbizz have undertaken projects in Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

Worldbizz takes pride to be a LOCAL fabricator, and installer for PMMA Acrylic. We specialise in chemical bonding between panels, and we have the capability to process thermal forming to custom shape and size to specified dimensions. We custom-build timber and steel moulds for this purpose. In precision, Worldbizz use laser cutting machine for panels of lesser thickness and we use the CNC machine for fabrication of thicker panels.

Worldbizz employs a team of specialist technicians for installation of panels on site. The team is headed by a Technical Specialist in acrylic and supported by a full-time architect. The team follows a strict disciple developed and practiced over the years to achieve our status as the preferred Acrylic Specialist in the market we serve.

WORLDBIZZ is the BRANDING in Acrylic Supply, Fabrication, and Installation. We are LOCALISED to offer an on-call efficient service to customers.  With Worldbizz, you no longer need foreign participation for your acrylic needs.


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River Safari Project (Completed in Year 2012)

Circular Floor Panel Application

Floor Panel Application

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