特优堂茶艺文化 TEYUTONG

特优堂茶艺文化马来西亚创办人 JENIFER TAN

Jenifer Tan, the Founder of Teyutong SDN BHD



  • 2004年接触普洱茶。
  • 2006年开始买卖普洱茶,经历过2007年普洱茶风暴。用了8年时间学习鉴定茶叶与瓷器。
  • 2016年成立马来西亚特优堂茶文化工作室。
  • 2017年与中国茶艺名师夏老师拜师学习茶艺表演与品气正味清系列。
  • Get to know of Pu-erh Tea in 2004.
  • Started Pu-erh Tea business in 2006.
  • Strived through the Pu-erh Tea Market Crash in 2007. Took 8 years in learning of tea and porcelain identification.
  • Established Teyutong Tea House in 2016.
  • Became the apprentice of Ms. Xia Qingyun, a master of Tea Art and Ceremony for Tea Art and Ceremony learning in 2017.



Tea culture plays an important role in Chinese culture of Malaysia. Old tea is both a business yet a nostalgia for Malaysian Chinese. And now, Malaysia is the second largest market for Chinese tea, accounting for more than 15% of Chinese tea exports. Malaysia is in a stable state of constant temperature and humidity all year round, in which provide an excellent condition for quick aging and quality preservation for Pu-erh tea! This is also an advantage for Teyutong Tea House in purchasing old tea in a large quantity.


Teyutong, which was exhibited at China Tea Expo, was reported by www.tea160.com as meeting you in Shanghai across the distance of time and space.


除了对老茶的知识,宋居X文化将会举办一系列活动与市集。Songju· x culture will hold a series of activities and markets.




我们也有茶叶礼盒让大家不需要为节日烦恼。We also have tea gift boxex that you no need to worry about festival.

我们素食餐馆 (our vegetarian restaurant) :


  我们的素食餐和饮料(our vegetarian made with fresh ingredients)

我们的甜品系列 Our dessert

我们也有手工线香 We also have handmade incense :




服务性质 :
专业老茶鉴定,专业瓷器鉴定,新老茶叶零售批发,茶艺培训课程, 宋潮市集,

Nature of service :
Professional Identification of old tea and porcelain, Retail and wholesale of new and old tea, Tea Art and Ceremony course. song market. Art gallery.




宋居 :18-2 2nd Floor Medan Klang Lama 28 Jalan Klang Lama 58000 Kuala lumpur

                                                宋居 X 文化:18-3 3rd Floor Medan Klang Lama 28 Jalan Klang Lama 58000 Kuala lumpur