The Malaysian Industrial Talent Resources Board (LSBIM) was established on 07 January 2020 under the Companies Act 1966 and the Companies Regulations 1984. LSBIM is a pro-government organization that provides support and advisory services related to talent resources to the community with the aim of developing the economy and industry in Malaysia. The vision is to research, collect, and maximize the use of data, policies, and laws for the benefit of employment for all industries in Malaysia while the mission of LSBIM is to build sustainable economic well-being for workers, job providers, and communities by fostering excellence in consumer and trade education programs. Our objectives are;

  1. Convey feedback and industry views to government departments and agencies related to the implementation of laws and regulations on hiring policies and management of foreign workers so that more holistic regulation can be prepared more thoroughly.

2. Together with government departments and agencies deliver and promote programs related to talent resources to industry, society and consumers.

3. Develop industry standards to balance the employment of local and foreign workers in order to benefit society.

4. Lowering cases of illegal activities carried out by employment agencies in Malaysia so that the rights of the community can be protected.