About The Application

Flipbizz is a community management platform at a glance for multiple purposes, providing privacy protection and authentication services while being able to display all their communities to the public. Communities can trace data analytics and member management automation, customize multiple community profiles for monetization. Users can track and manage their network for matchmaking optimization through categorized contacts and e-name cards.


Use Case

Flipbizz can be used as an organization intranet for corporates, projects, and departments to streamline information sharing and communication between members. Flipbizz can also be used to create communities, and community leaders get to choose whether to impose a subscription fee for their community. If you are looking to create a secret society, Flipbizz also welcomes people who like to act under the radar.

Flipbizz can also be used as a business fundraising platform or a donation platform for MSMEs, philanthropic institutions, charitable organizations or creators of start-ups. Flipbizz provides progressive updates and supporter rewards for business fundraising to ease the early stages of start-ups. On the other hand, Flipbizz categories donation campaigns accordingly and show real-time updates provided by the organizer to the kind-hearted donators to promote institutional clarity.


When people transitioned from offline to online, institutional clarity is not upheld, and its importance is overlooked by the majority of the event organizers. People also faced the difficulty of keeping up with the online events they are involved in as there is too much stuff to take care of. The issue of a data breach became prominent as people spent more time on online platforms and people must use numerous platforms to connect or manage their communities – there is no all-in-one solution in the market for community management.

When it comes to the idea of being able to manage communities for multiple purposes, community managers have to leverage different solutions available in the market, which requires more manpower to initiate this idea. Community managers can subscribe to solutions but may face low usage from users, minimizing expected profits. When communities are created on different platforms, resources and information shared would scatter around and become inconsistent.

The Solution

Flipbizz is providing solutions for the problems mentioned above. Individual and organization e-profiles enable the public to know more about you and your company with a glance, making the process of networking enjoyable for everyone. Public and private feeds are categorized accordingly for users to be able to manage public announcements and private group messages. The Phonebook in Flipbizz allows private and group messaging and it syncs with your phone contacts. Newly added phone numbers in the Phonebook will be notified to users if the contact is linked to a Flipbizz account.



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