ANANSIT Packing (M) Sdn Bhd


ANANSIT Packaging (M) Sdn. Bhd. established since 2010, our core competency is specializing in manufacturing and trading of packaging products such as color box, instruction manual and corrugated carton. We provide packaging design, brand & marketing consultation and warehousing services.
Continuing improvement is our belief to excel ourselves in this line and deliver better service to our customers. We have experience of customizing our machine to accommodate the requirements of certain product packaging, we will study any customers’ needs and prepare to solve their problems.




We deliver our best in aesthetics while balancing it with every functional demand. We envision client expectations and make it happen.


Encompassing exhaustive design detailing and matchless workmanship, we execute them in the most possible stringent standards


Delivering client to our utmost skills by governing all elements of the packaging design to meet the demands is our responsibility.


Throughout every cooperation, we do our best to maintain the comfortableness in order to allow our clients to raise any doubts as such we will be able to rectify it in a timely manner.


We believe in hard work and putting in the extra effort to get things done. You say it, you time it and we will do it.


We committed the competitive advantage that is created from a more powerful working relationship between customer, retailer and consumer.





Most of our customers are multinational corporations and located in overseas. Our services coverage includes Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. With more than 10 over years in this industry, our management team is capable of providing adequate solutions to all of our customers.




During the design works, ANANSIT closely follow the finalized concept to ensure our costs align with our original estimate. We have always focused on our customers and nowhere is this more evident than in the in-depth design services we provide. We incorporate innovative processes in production in order to exceed expectations. Our goal is to find a superior solutions for product packaging.



Product and branding is one of our strengths, where we are able to provide strong branding directions and align our design concepts accordingly. We utilize our strength in creativity and rigorous attention in detail to create best packaging that can enhance commercial branding.
ANANSIT helps to develop a total solution that maximize our customers’ sales growth opportunities for their products, brands, packaging and displays. Whether client want to brainstorm ideas, create sketches or simply ensure the proper implementation of the designs provided, our structural and graphics designers can bring new synergy to our clients’ marketing program.





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