ALgoBiZZ Berhad

ALgoBiZZ Berhad helps Tax professionals save time by developing specialised cloud software which simplified their tax preparation work. Our principal activities include research and development (R&D) of tax computing software as well as providing solutions & services for the Taxation Industry.

Currently, we have developed iBiZZtax (Cloud Tax Software) for the tax industry. The uniqueness of iBiZZtax is the ability in the near future to integrate the Modules of Tax, Secretarial, Accounting and Audit, which will be the first-in-kind in South-East Asia. This will significantly reduce the time spent by organisations and tax professionals on tax-related work. For the past 15 years, we have proven ourselves to be one of the most reliable, stable and well-accepted company with users reaching throughout the whole nation. We are servicing 550 tax agents and more than 250,000 company taxes & personal taxes nationwide.


Our Vision

To build a New Infrastructure of Digital Taxation for the 15 member countries of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP).


Our Mission

To continuously explore the field of AI technology in tax software industry towards providing simplified process of tax system.

ALgoBiZZ 集团 通过开发并简化税务准备工作的专业云端税务软件,以帮助税务专业人士大大节省时间。 集团的主要业务包括研发税务计算软件 (R&D) 及为税务专业领域提供各种解决方案和服务。

目前,我们为税务专业领域开发了这款云端税务软件 — iBiZZtaxiBiZZtax 的特点是在不久的将来,整合税务、秘书、会计和审计等模块,这也将会是东南亚金融软件届的创举。 此举将大幅度减少商户及税务专业人士对于他们的税务相关工作,花费多余的时间。而在过去的 15 年里,我们已经证实了集团是在国内是为最可靠、最稳定与最受认可的税务软件品牌。我们服务了全国 550 名数码税务专业用户,以及超过 250,000 个公司税务与个人税务客户提供服务。


为区域全面经济伙伴关系协定 (RCEP) 的15个成员国打造数码税务新基建




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